Tactical advantages of Digitization


The key tactical benefit of digitization is to improve the efficiency of core business processes – a benefit that comes through exploiting the tactical advantages offered by digitization. Capturing documents and data at the point of origin or receipt into an organization allows for many tactical advantages including but not limited to:

  • Eliminating transcription errors
  • Implementing electronic workflow processes
  • Creating audit trails
  • Creating one source of truth for each document/item of data
  • Improving accessibility to information
  • Integrating business systems

The source of these advantages includes the following digitization initiatives, processes, and activities:

  • Document capture through scanning
  • Digital capture of information through use of eForms
  • Capture of metadata from both eForms and scanned documents to obviate the need for transcription and duplicate entry
  • Optical character recognition to obviate the need for entry of data into systems
  • Using workflow functionality to automate authorization processes and create audit trails
  • Version control
  • Eliminating security issues with emailed attachments by instead sending links to a single source of truth in a database
  • Making it easy to access all documents relevant to a business process by creating a relationship to other digitized records
  • Improving searching of documents by completing content as well as title and metadata searches

For more info please visit our website: http://www.swiftprosys.com or you can mail us at info@swiftprosys.com

Best Wishes,
Haja Sheriff
Business Development Manager
Skype: swiftprosys



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