Enhanced eBook Features

Enhanced eBooks go beyond the simple layouts of most ebooks to offer more complex formatting, illustration, and rich media such as video, audio and program-like interactions. As we’ve just seen, updates to the EPUB and Kindle formats — EPUB3 and Kindle KF8 — provide the advanced features needed for enhanced ebooks. A new breed of e-reading devices and apps is emerging to support these new versions.


We’ll take a brief look at some of the more important formats being used today to produce enhanced ebooks in this changing landscape.

• PDF (Portable Document Format)
• Apps
• Fixed layout ebooks
• Web app

And we’ll look at two popular tools for producing enhanced ebooks

• Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
• Apple iBooks Author

These tools and formats are just a small selection of the many options to produce enhanced digital publications. Each of these has solid backing and supporters among the publishing community but this is a field where we’re still some way from having a widely-adopted standard.

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